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Certified Machinery & Equipment Is The PERFECT Compliment To Your Business

We are not a franchise.  Each CMEA has their own business and own business model.  In addition, we are not considered a "business opportunity".  The professionals who add the CMEA credential behind their name do so for many reasons ... Here are just a few.  There are probably more reasons that suit each professional individually rather than the collective group.  The three overwhelming reasons are:  Business Expansion, Professional Credibility, And Earn More Money!

Business Valuation Professionals

The business has equipment and needs to be valued and incorporated into the valuation.  Through our sister organization, the International Society of Business Appraisers you can even earn the Business Certified Appraiser (BCA) professional credential to value Small to Main Street Businesses.  

Residential / Commercial Real Estate Appraisers

These professionals already uphold USPAP ethics and standards. The CMEA is a great way to earn more money and break away from dealing with management companies. Besides, a Commercial Appraiser needs the CMEA credential to value the equipment.

CPAs And Financial Planners

Their clients have equipment and to satisfy IRS and AICPA regulations, they must rely on substantiated data of the equipment's true value.

Auctioneers And Equipment Dealers

They too need to expand their business!  Lenders require a Certified Appraisal of the equipment to establish collateral value.  The CMEA will enable Auctioneers and Dealers to attract those assignments they have lost because they are not certified.  Plus, if they are going to auction or buy/sell equipment, they need to know what it is worth.

Business Brokers & Intermediaries

The CMEA is a great way to get past the gatekeeper, attract listings, "Earn A Living While They Are Waiting To Make A Killing", and when it comes to listing and selling the business, they have data to rely upon on the equipment value.

Insurance Adjusters

They too come across equipment in a variety of situations that they need to know what the equipment is worth.

Leasing And Lenders

They too need to know what the equipment is worth and whether the equipment even exists! Plus, they learn and apply appraisal methodologies without relying on the owner's word a depreciation schedule.

Risk Managers

They too need to know the value of the equipment rather than guessing or relying on a depreciation schedule.