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CMEA's Coast-To-Coast & Worldwide Enjoy Extraordinary Benefits Along With Membership ...

No other association provides the level of service and support that NEBB has consistently provided to it's Members 24/7, 365 days!  Here are just a few benefits that NEBB Members enjoy...We hope you We hope that you take advantage of them!

  1. Complete turn-key system that works!
  2. Our focus is on your success.  That's why we provide you with marketing materials that land assignments.  Letters, scripts, Marketing Laminate, and our exclusive 120 Fast Start Checklist.
  3. When a CMEA is perfectly aligned, you will receive a list of lenders, CPAs, and attorneys in your area!
  4. Appraiser's Resource Database filled with over 5-7 million comparable sales.Since equipment is bought and sold, the database continues to fluctuate with auction and sales data.
  5. USPAP compliant MEA Report Writer.  CMEA's enter their values, and the Report Writer populates with all of the pertinent information consistent with Standards 7 & 8 of USPAP.
  6. Forms for data collection, engagement agreement, etc.  
  7. All CMEA's are connected to ListServe.  ListServe is an email program wherein a CMEA can get leads on an assignment, find out about a specific industry and broker equipment.
  8. Monthly newsletter and conference call with an industry leading speaker.
  9. Much, much more!


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